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Question 5

Which of the following work support/flexibility programs have you participated in at your organisation in the last three years?

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Part-time schedules15%  26%Reduced schedules (e.g. ability to leave workplace early)25%  18%Telecommuting/work from home30%  31%Job sharing programs1%  3%Leaves of absence/sabbaticals16%  14%Maternity leave1%  26%Paternity leave20%  0%Extended maternity policies1%  7%Extended paternity policies3%  0%Program to smooth transition before, during and after maternity leave1%  2%In-house or subsidised external childcare facilities3%  5%Company-sponsored peer networking group for parents1%  1%Services for sick children (e.g. onsite clinic)2%  1%None of the above40%  38%
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