Survey Results

  1. Question 1

    What is your gender?

  2. Question 2

    What is your age?

  3. Question 3

    Do you have any children?

  4. Question 4

    In your career, which field have you spent the most time in?

  5. Question 5

    Which of the following work support/flexibility programs have you participated in at your organisation in the last three years?

  6. Question 6

    If an employee in your organisation works part-time or flexibly, do you believe their opportunities for career advancement have...

  7. Question 7

    Have you ever felt that your gender has played a role in your missing out on a raise, promotion, key assignment, or chance to get ahead?

  8. Question 8

    Have you ever felt that your gender has played a role in achieving a raise, promotion, key assignment, or chance to get ahead?

  9. Question 9

    Have you ever been encouraged by your supervisors/senior colleagues to apply for a promotion in a workplace?

  10. Question 10

    If encouraged by a supervisor or senior colleague to apply for a promotion, would you be more or less likely to apply, or would it make no difference?

  11. Question 11

    Have you ever decided not to apply for a promotion?

  12. Question 12

    In your decision not to apply, how important each of the following factors were in this decision?

  13. Question 13

    In your organisation, what is the balance of men and women in senior management roles?

  14. Question 14

    Thinking about the career trajectory of senior men and women in your organisation, do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  15. Question 15

    Thinking about career progression, leadership and the gender balance in this sector, please say whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  16. Question 16

    Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  17. Question 17

    Please say whether you agree or disagree with the following statements. Women’s access to overseas work opportunities is affected by:

  18. Question 18

    The following is a list of factors which may have an impact on women’s progress in this sector. How important do you believe each factor is?

  19. Question 19

    Gender bias may occur at a number of stages and places during a career. In your personal view, how likely it is that bias (either conscious or unconscious) will occur on the following occasions?

  20. Question 20

    Now thinking about your entire career, do you believe you have ever been bullied or harassed on the basis of gender in the workplace?

  21. Question 21

    Was this conducted by..?

  22. Question 22

    Did you officially report it to a manager in your organisation?

  23. Question 23

    Do you believe your report(s) were adequately acted upon?

  24. Question 24

    How would you describe the result of your report?

  25. Question 25

    Do you agree or disagree with the following reasons why people may decide not to report bullying and harassment?

  26. Question 26

    Now thinking about the conditions you believe are necessary to make progress on gender equality. How important would you say the following factors are in improving gender equality in your organisation?

  27. Question 27

    Do you personally agree or disagree with each of the following statements?

  28. Question 28

    Thinking about the policies that some organisations are putting in place, how important you think the following policies are for improving gender balance?

  29. Question 29

    Now thinking about the same policy areas, please indicate whether your organisation has effective policies in place for:

  30. Question 30

    In your experience working in, engaging or observing the following professions, how committed you believe they are today to achieving real progress on gender equality?

  31. Question 31

    Now thinking about the same professions, do you agree or disagree that there is a clear and supportive career progression path (right to the top) for women working in...