Survey Results / Question 30
Question 30

In your experience working in, engaging or observing the following professions, how committed you believe they are today to achieving real progress on gender equality?

Defence force and policing
Very committed16%  6%Somewhat committed43%  50%Not committed19%  27%Don’t know/no view23%  17%
440 of 645 responses
Very committed29%  14%Somewhat committed44%  59%Not committed7%  14%Don’t know/no view20%  12%
440 of 645 responses
Intelligence agencies
Very committed7%  2%Somewhat committed24%  22%Not committed18%  31%Don’t know/no view52%  46%
440 of 645 responses
International businesses
Very committed7%  7%Somewhat committed34%  42%Not committed22%  25%Don’t know/no view36%  26%
440 of 645 responses
International development
Very committed40%  34%Somewhat committed27%  48%Not committed6%  5%Don’t know/no view27%  14%
440 of 645 responses
Very committed15%  4%Somewhat committed32%  40%Not committed19%  25%Don’t know/no view34%  31%
440 of 645 responses
Trade and economics
Very committed5%  2%Somewhat committed27%  29%Not committed23%  32%Don’t know/no view45%  37%
440 of 645 responses
Universities and think tanks
Very committed19%  14%Somewhat committed51%  54%Not committed7%  14%Don’t know/no view24%  19%
440 of 645 responses
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