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Question 19

Gender bias may occur at a number of stages and places during a career. In your personal view, how likely it is that bias (either conscious or unconscious) will occur on the following occasions?

At meetings
Very likely17%  53%Somewhat likely44%  36%Unlikely35%  9%Don’t know/no view4%  1%
466 of 645 responses
At work-related conferences
Very likely14%  36%Somewhat likely39%  46%Unlikely38%  15%Don’t know/no view9%  3%
466 of 645 responses
During interview panels
Very likely14%  38%Somewhat likely47%  49%Unlikely32%  9%Don’t know/no view8%  4%
466 of 645 responses
During promotion rounds
Very likely12%  44%Somewhat likely53%  45%Unlikely28%  8%Don’t know/no view7%  3%
466 of 645 responses
During selection for additional roles such as committee membership
Very likely8%  35%Somewhat likely45%  45%Unlikely37%  13%Don’t know/no view10%  7%
466 of 645 responses
When overseas opportunities are being decided
Very likely10%  38%Somewhat likely45%  44%Unlikely32%  10%Don’t know/no view14%  7%
466 of 645 responses
When very senior positions are being decided (e.g. heads and deputy heads of organisations)
Very likely17%  57%Somewhat likely51%  32%Unlikely24%  6%Don’t know/no view8%  5%
466 of 645 responses
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