Survey Results / Question 12
Question 12

In your decision not to apply, how important each of the following factors were in this decision?

I did not feel sufficiently qualified for the role
Very important31%  38%Somewhat important40%  34%Not important13%  15%Don’t know/no view16%  14%
362 of 645 responses
Family responsibilities
Very important18%  30%Somewhat important24%  20%Not important30%  21%Don’t know/no view28%  29%
362 of 645 responses
I was discouraged from applying by a senior colleague or manager
Very important10%  13%Somewhat important14%  18%Not important25%  15%Don’t know/no view52%  55%
362 of 645 responses
The role didn’t allow for flexible and/or part-time hours
Very important7%  21%Somewhat important15%  20%Not important37%  22%Don’t know/no view41%  37%
362 of 645 responses
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