Donor funding to COVAX
USD per capita, top 20 donor governments to COVAX AMC*
$0$5$10$15$20$25$30 $29.03Sweden $25.80Norway $18.59Switzerland $17.47Iceland $12.75Germany $11.55Kuwait $10.75United Kingdom $10.51United States $10.09Canada $7.93Japan $7.79Italy $5.23Liechtenstein $4.83Netherlands $4.24Saudi Arabia $4.09South Korea $3.88Australia $3.58France $3.41Qatar $3.15Luxembourg $2.75Denmark
* The COVAX Advanced Market Commitment assists 92 lower-income countries access vaccines through Official Development Assistance, as well as contributions from the private sector and philanthropy. Donor funding reflects assured resources as at 6 August 2021.
Source: Gavi, Our World in Data and authors’ calculations