Visits to foreign countries by US and Chinese presidents, by region
11Africa11Africa14Asia28Asia14Middle East1Middle East52W. Europe12W. Europe27E. Europe8E. Europe22N. America6N. America11S. America6S. America3Oceania3Oceania
18Africa23Africa35Asia36Asia21Middle East7Middle East52W. Europe17W. Europe32E. Europe22E. Europe17N. America13N. America10S. America9S. America2Oceania4Oceania
05101520253035404550557Africa10Africa38Asia41Asia12Middle East4Middle East39W. Europe24W. Europe8E. Europe18E. Europe11N. America14N. America6S. America9S. America2Oceania4Oceania
  • US presidents
  • Chinese presidents
Source: US Department of State; China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs; People’s Daily.
Note: Data include multiple visits to some countries in the same time period. Eastern Europe includes Russia and the Caucasus. North America includes the Caribbean.