Average annual countries visited by US and Chinese presidents
012345678910 9.0GHW Bush1989–1993 5.5Yang Shangkun1989–1993 9.3Bill Clinton1993–2001 7.2Jiang Zemin1993–2003 9.3GW Bush2001–2009 6.9Hu Jintao2003–2013 7.4Barack Obama2009–2017 9.7Xi Jinping2013–2019 8.0Donald Trump2017–2019
  • US presidents
  • Chinese presidents
Source: US Department of State; China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs; People’s Daily.
Notes: Data show the number of different countries visited while in office divided by years in office. Yang Shangkun served as Chinese president from 1988–1993 but only travel from 1989 onwards is included in this dataset.