Average annual visits to foreign countries by US and Chinese presidents
024681012141618 15.0GHW Bush1989–1993 5.5Yang Shangkun1989–1993 16.6Bill Clinton1993–2001 9.6Jiang Zemin1993–2003 17.5GW Bush2001–2009 11.4Hu Jintao2003–2013 13.9Barack Obama2009–2017 14.3Xi Jinping2013–2019 12.3Donald Trump2017–2019
  • US presidents
  • Chinese presidents
Source: US Department of State; China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs; People’s Daily.
Notes: Data include multiple visits to the same country in a calendar year. Yang Shangkun served as Chinese president from 1988–1993 but only travel from 1989 onwards is included in this dataset.