China’s development finance to the Pacific
Disbursements, US$ current
$0 M$50 M$100 M$150 M$200 M$250 M$300 M$350 M$400 M20082009201020112012201320142015201620172018201920202021$138.21 M$167.31 M$176.09 M$190.71 M$213.15 M$127.59 M$147.53 M$215.93 M$246.90 M$170.51 M$140.75 M$123.82 M$120.60 M$12.72 M$65.90 M$26.15 M$30.79 M$66.64 M$25.51 M$128.21 M$58.51 M$58.15 M$87.08 M$127.45 M$145.54 M$81.56 M$67.34 M$99.53 M
  • Loans
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Source: Lowy Institute Pacific Aid Map