A surge in official development finance to the Pacific, mostly driven by ODA
ODF (Official Development Finance) by type of flows, nominal USD billion
$0 B$0.5 B$1 B$1.5 B$2 B$2.5 B$3 B$3.5 B$4 B$4.5 B20102011201220132014201520162017201820192020$0.41 B$0.26 B$0.25 B$0.18 B$0.19 B$0.16 B$0.27 B$0.23 B$0.24 B$0.65 B$0.97 B$1.83 B$2.32 B$2.30 B$2.35 B$2.21 B$2.27 B$2.09 B$2.42 B$2.83 B$2.47 B$3.28 B
  • OOF (Other Official Flows)
  • ODA (Official Development Assistance)
Source: Lowy Institute Pacific Aid Map