Honiara Declaration

Promotes law enforcement cooperation through integration and collaboration to combat crime and support regional agencies and networks.


Aitutaki Declaration

Commits to regional security cooperation to better respond to natural disasters, transnational crime, and sovereignty threats.


Biketawa Declaration

Agrees to coordinate action in times of crisis or when requested by a member of the “Pacific Islands extended family”.


Vava’u Declaration

Recognises the value of regional fisheries to Pacific countries and the need for regional solidarity to sustainably manage fish stocks.


Nuie Declaration

Calls for regional action and international advocacy on climate change including developing “Pacific-tailored approaches” to protect the regional environment.


Cairns Compact

Endorses high-level regional dialogue and aid efforts to strengthen development coordination and ensure effective resource use.


Waiheke Declaration

Promotes sustainable economic development by working together to control illegal fishing, and aid regional trade, investment, and development institutions.


Pacific Leaders Gender Equality Declaration

Calls on development partners to coordinate on regional actions to address gender inequality and increase financial and technical support.


Hiri Declaration

Calls to strengthen Pacific regionalism through closer people-to-people relations across government, development partners, and private/community sectors.


Boe Declaration

Recognises the need to strengthen regional security cooperation and take collective action on climate, human, resource, and cyber security, and transnational crime.


Kainaki II Declaration

Calls for all parties to the Paris Agreement to act on commitments, to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, and deliver on climate finance.


Declaration on Preserving Maritime Zones

Declares the collective position of PIF members that maritime territories and associated rights should not be affected by climate change sea-level rise.


Gender Equality Declaration

Calls for collaboration between regional agencies and development partners to progress gender equality and social inclusion at national and regional levels.